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Review of movie Raya and the Last Dragon

You guys have watched many movies at the beginning of this year. But still, maybe you have missed the greatest animated movie of Disney. If you have missed it, don’t worry you can stream it anytime on our website. We have also reviewed the movie Raya and The Last Dragon to give you an overviewContinue reading “Review of movie Raya and the Last Dragon”

5 movies that got delayed to release in 2020

This 2020 is being a strange year. With the coronavirus pandemic stalking the world, blockbusters have been postponed in an endless cascade of cancellations and delays. And, as this year we are not going to the cinema very much. We have made a list of the 5 movies that got delayed to release in 2020Continue reading “5 movies that got delayed to release in 2020”

How to watch movies on

One of the greatest joys of surfing the net is finding places where you can watch streaming movies and series totally free of cast. There is an abundance of material available, from vintage movies to modern blockbusters, from television classics to recent episodes of current series. While free streaming of movies may seem to beContinue reading “How to watch movies on”

How to watch movies at home during Corona Lockdown

When we want to see a movie at home we usually tend to ask ourselves how to “download” it and make it available but we must know that where to watch movies online for free and how we can enjoy home theater. Home is one of those places where you can have a great timeContinue reading “How to watch movies at home during Corona Lockdown”

Top 3 Comedy Tv Series You Can Watch Online

These are the top 3 comedy tv series of all time that you can watch online: How I met with your Mother : One of the classics among the best comedy series. One of the finished series that you can see in full this summer with more than 200 episodes. As we all know, HowContinue reading “Top 3 Comedy Tv Series You Can Watch Online”

The 5 Best Valentine’s Day Movies of All Time

Here the list of 5 best Valentine’s Day movies of all time UP This story which can be innocent and poignant in every way was awarded for the best animation movie. Two children who accidentally cross paths in the Look Up are protagonists of a sweet and touching story that will last for years. Ellie’sContinue reading “The 5 Best Valentine’s Day Movies of All Time”

2020 Movie Predictions – What will be the biggest hit?

2020 movie predictions – What will be the biggest hit? Venom 2: The movie will be directed by Andy Serkis. The fantastic action movie Venom 2 is a sequel to the movie of the same name, which was released in 2018. The plot is based on Marvel Comics, in which the character first appeared inContinue reading “2020 Movie Predictions – What will be the biggest hit?”

The 5 Films That Define the Last 30 Years

These are the best 5 movies that define the last 30 years: Batman (1989): It is the first superhero in comics history to have no superpowers. One night, parents took their young Bruce home after watching the movie and were robbed by gangsters as they passed a path. The gangster shot his parents in frontContinue reading “The 5 Films That Define the Last 30 Years”